The Waldo Burton Memorial Home is a place where boys in need can find care, support, guidance, and a safe living environment. It had its beginning in 1918 with a gift of $170,000 by William L. Burton, millionaire lumberman and philanthropist.

He wanted to provide for Protestant orphan baby boys, so he and his wife donated the money to build a home that would also be a tribute to their own son Waldo who had died in 1914.

It was suggested that he wait to build the home as prices were high, but he declined. Although hale and hearty, Mr. Burton was in his 70s and wanted to take no chances of not living to see the home in working order. He took a great interest in the new building and its grounds and made frequent visits, even helping to plant the trees.

When the home opened in 1922, it was a while before the babies arrived, but it became the new residence for a group of 45 boys ages 6 to 16.

Waldo Burton is one of 5 oldest 501C3's in the nation.