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Greg Ingram, Actor is co-founder of LOUD Films and Entertainment divisions. LOUD Films and its Division LOUD Entertainment is actively engaged in entertaining the world via production and distribution of motion pictures and television through strategic alliances with major studios like MGM.

LOUD Films and LOUD Entertainment is a division of LOUD Media Group LLC .

Currently The Team is in Dallas working on three films, Outlaw Biker Nation ( The Scorpions MC ) A Comedy ( I'm an Actor ) and My Father My Don based on the true life of Don Napoli.

In Jan. 2011 LOUD Media Group and it's Film Division's Partnered BIG Rock Productions. Their teams bring more then 20 years of production expertise in detailed understanding. The LOUD and Big Rock Production relationship is a perfect match to the entrepreneurial vision of LOUD Films. Since it's inception the company has begun development on several documentaries and comedy films as well as three soon to be hit TV shows. Including WAR of ROCK.

A POWERHOUSE focusing on synergy between divisions of LOUD Films and Greg Ingram Productions. LOUD Entertainment  will be the Next Generation Hollywood.

  FILMS in pre production  
  OUTLAW Biker Nation  
  I'm an Actor    
  FILMS in post production  
  OFF THE JUNK ( Telly Award )  
  The Dallas Cowboys Greatest Years  
  TV Shows in pre production  
  WAR of ROCK LIVE Reality TV and Concert Series  
  Flying High Again with Ozzy Osborne  
  The Dallas Cowboys Greatest Years  


The Scorpions Motorcycle Club, Detroit was established in 1966 as a riding club bound by brotherhood. The first clubhouse was at Tony’s house, in his basement. Pearl, Tony’s mother, made them check guns at the door. They put them in a wooden cabinet; picked them up when they left. Their next clubhouse was blown up with dynamite by another club. The Scorpions’ present clubhouse has been in Detroit on 5 Mile Road since 1981. Still going strong, the Scorpions MC now has chapters around the country.

The Scorpions MC have managed to keep true to a philosophy of riding, partying, having a good time and causing havoc.

Directed by: Steve Anthony

Written by: Greg Ingram, Sharon Smith
Produced by: LOUD Films, Greg Ingram Productions

Distribution by: LOUD Entertainment
Starring: The Scorpions MC Dallas Chapter with  Danny Trejo Narrating.
Market Screenings: Austin, Dallas, New Orleans and Los Angeles




BASED ON A TRUE STORY: Greg Ingram is a Rich, Famous, Powerful Award Winning Actor, a Super Star. Greg lives in a delusional world that his manager helped to create because Greg was feeling bad about a small part he had in a BIG movie. But with the help and encouragement of his want to be agent/manager/friend he is convinced that he is really the best thing that has ever happened to Hollywood since James Dean. Greg's Manager continues to convince him daily that he is a Super Star and he just needs to act like it, be like it even put his shoes on like it.  The only person that knows he's famous is him and this one other guy.

Directed by: Steve Anthony/Ray Thomas

Written by: Greg Ingram and Ray Thomas
Produced by: LOUD Films, Greg Ingram Productions

Distribution by: LOUD Entertainment
Jessica Alba, Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro,  Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal,  Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan and Cheech Marin
Vince Neil, Kai Parkinson, The Scorpions MC Dallas Chapter, Streetz, Ray Thomas, Mayra Leal,  Greg Ingram are in this movie.
Market Screenings: Austin, Dallas, New Orleans and Los Angeles




Off the Junk is a comedy in the vein of The Royal Tenenbaums and The Big Lebowski.  Ex-hippie, part-time bowling instructor Ray is on a drug recovery plan of his own devising. Just when Ray is so close to recovery he can taste it through the tar and nicotine, an elderly bowling student has a heart attack at the lanes, and she’s carted off without her ball. Since her prognosis is grim, one of her grandsons wants the ball for sentimental reasons. The other, equally large grandson, wants the ball because his brother wants it (and he knows he’ll pay handsomely to get it). Ray must give that second brother the ball if he wants to live long enough to switch to the nicotine patch.

But, alas, the ball is nowhere to be found, and Ray and his buddy are forced to embark on a desperate quest. They discover the alley’s owner, a fearsome bowling pro, has claimed the ball for himself, and he’s on too much of a winning streak to give it up without a fight. To stave off his own murder and prove the efficacy of his recovery plan, Ray must beat his unbeatable boss in the bowling match of a lifetime.

Written by: Dustin Taylor

Starring: Greg Ingram and Terrence Spector
Produced by: Mule Film

Distribution by: LOUD Entertainment
Market Screenings: TBA

This films short WON the Telly Award in 2009


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